“The full-size RIB …

   in the boot of your car!”

Available now!  Foldable Ribs FRIBs

We are pleased to introduce the amazing Foldable RIB! Foldable RIBs (FRIB) are available in five sizes, from 2.75m (9’) to 4.6m (15’) and also a sailing version. All the FRIBs fold to compact sizes that can be transported in the back of a car, caravan, motorhome. For yachtsmen, the FRIB can be stowed aboard folded or on davits.

FRIBs are very stable and row well. They can be powered by outboard motors up to 25hp.

The Purifier Yacht & Dinghy Co Ltd is the FRIB dealer for Kent, Sussex and Essex. Visit our showroom in Faversham or request a demo where you are. There is now a FRIB 330 on display at Whitstable Marine.

We give demonstrations and talks at sailing and motor boat clubs throughout the South East of England.


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We also supply outboard motors - petrol, propane and electric.

See more at www.foldablerib.com

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